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Philanthropy in China is still something new and people are still trying to find their own definitions to what it actually entails.

The philanthropic community has pursued a range of strategies to break the poverty cycle for parents and children through strategies that focus on early childhood development or parental capacity building, yet we've failed to achieve more positive outcomes at scale.

From entering into 21st century on, enterprises play more and more important role in philanthropy, and whats the definition of the philanthropy? 
Philanthropy is a kind of social public business that was indeed benefit for society and public, meanwhile, is also a necessary complement of social security system which was mainly guided by the government. It is a selflessly dedicated business that was organized and developed by non-governmental organizations and individuals with the advocacy, help, support of local government, make all efforts on extending a hand to people who suffer from disasters, misfortune and expect nothing in return.
Whats the relationship between enterprise and social responsibility? Why should a enterprise engaged in philanthropy?  
1Charitable social responsibility is a new selection of the development of a company. The traditional wisdoms convinced that a company was only focus on maximum profit. but in a large sense, only taking on the social responsibility can a company long endure. 
2With the aims to enhance the corporate efficiency and to facilitate the development of charitable business, the company must have obligations to do everything in connection with charity.
3Promoting a mutual win between business profit and social charity. Thats our ultimate aim. We shall do our utmost to make it came true.
4Treating conflicts between business profit and charitable social responsibility in a right way. When business profit clash with charitable social responsibility,the best we can do is minimize the loss in a amicable way.
It was found upon study that our countrys charitable donating capacity was still in a low level which not account for 1% of GDP. There are three reasons which created domestic corporate charitable donating inactively, they are issues of scarce of social credit, the level of economic development, the disadvantage of tax policy respectively. So we have to change something, transfer these negative factors into positive factors. In a word, we still have a long way to go.

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