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Technology of updating-tyre
1835 Hits  Issue date:8/10/2013

Technical Department


1 Updating accessories of the balance bike and the accessory inspection standard of outsourcing factory.

2  EVA  tire, air tire, plastic headset bushing set,brake lever,etc.The spare parts were all in upgraded version.



   The upgraded tire concentricity is more steady than it before,and the brightness of cover is also more impressed.



   The tire axes hae thickened after its upgrade,and the three card slot inside of it  are also upgraded. It combines with the shaft cap which makes the whole wheel more strong and steady.



   The upgraded shaft cap has been changed into right angle.It is equipped with  the three card slot,which will increase strength of the whole equipment.

3 We have the EN71 certification on our air tire products now.


Purchase Department


   In order to improve our product quality, we are intended to find the more professional accessory supplier.On Aug. 2nd,2013.our manager went to the manufacturer of EVA Tire and Saddle for a fact-finding mission,and we had our products updated and upgraded accordingly.


Production Department


With the objective of enhancing our product quality,we trained our staffs by following the 6S management principle(They are Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke, Security respectively.).

We now working on the 6S attack training course which started from Jun. 20th to Sep. 20th last for three months,to create a tough fight,which aims to transfer the feature of production and to develop the quality of products.Let the 6S management scheme strike into everybodys heart.Complying with the 6S management requirement exactly in the process of production.Thats what we strive forward.


Warehouse Department


Executing the 6S production requirement strictly and striving to improve the quality of warehouse keeper.


Financial Department


It is informed that the taxation of the shipping company and the commodity agent charge has been added and the requirement of making out a invoice should include the 6% VAT .

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