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Aluminum pot selection, use and precautions
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(1) Features


Alloy aluminum pots lightweight, durable, fast heating, thermal uniformity, no rust, but should not be used to cook food as well as acidic or alkaline salty foods, otherwise, the cookware will be a substantial dissolution of aluminum contamination of food.


Alloy aluminum products mainly include natural hair color and hard anodized two kinds, material is aluminum and aluminum alloys. Surface color can be divided into white, light yellow, black and other colors. White aluminum casting and stamping is divided into two kinds. Cast aluminum products (traditionally known as steel pan,10-20 yuan) surface by car light mechanical polishing treatment, surface white, but the metal loose tissue, there is a certain amount of casting defects. Stamping of aluminum products, the surface washed, sanding and mechanical polishing treatment, the surface of the natural oxide film, a thickness of only 0.01-0.15 m, thin and uniform, it is easy mechanical abrasion or wear. The yellow aluminum products are anodized stamping products, so that the surface of a layer of pale yellow artificial oxide film. Oxide film thickness generally 5-20m, uniform and dense, under the action of the alkali, 100 seconds without damaging the membrane, and the black oxide film may be 30 microns to about 50 microns thick, the surface temperature up to 2500 C, the strong acid and strong base, the surface oxide film is not damaged. Therefore, the best black aluminum, it has a beautiful, easy to remove dirt, and strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance characteristics. Everyday life, many people like to use steel ball to highly polished aluminum pan pot, experts said that while wipe the stains on the pot, but also erased aluminum cookware surface oxide film has a protective effect . Therefore, the use of aluminum pots, aluminum pots and other aluminum cookware, you do not wipe the surface of the light yellow film.


(2) Choose


Alloy aluminum pots or pans in the selection, you should pay attention to the pot body is straight round, pot, lid and outside light, no dark, black scars or cracks, and to check the parts of the structure, such as rivets, ring top portion is solid, without pitting, trachoma.


(3) protect the pot


Not use steel ball scrubbing. Coke-end add boiled, soaked with scouring pad to clean. Rarely serve food in the pot time.
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