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Product name: Solar Powered Electric Fence Energiser
Model: FE-010
Power ups to 3Km of single strand electric fence; unique angled solar panel adjusts to catch the sun's power better
Product Attributes

Solar Powered Electric Fence Energiser


The fence energiser is a device generating regular but very brief high voltage pulses which are transferred to the electric fence surrounding a pasture or corp as a prevention against animal access. The energy of the pulse is configured in such a way as to frighten an animal if the fence is touched when the energiser is operating. The brief nature of the pulse prevents harmful electric shock to animals as the voltage rapidly drops from 8.7kv to 1.2Kv when contact is made with the fence.


When fully charged the fence energiser can work for up to 10 days with the limited sunshine. One good sunny day in three should maintain a full charge. Should there be insufficient sunshine, the battery can be recharged with the optional mains charger.


Unique angled solar panel adjusts to catch the sun's power better

Over discharge protection circuit

Impact-resistant housing

Rechargeable 4.5AH, 6 volt sealed lead-acid storage battery

Charge voltage: 7.5VDC; Output voltage: 8KV +/- 1.5KV; Rated wattage in full sunlight: 1.3 watts; Panel size: 110mm x 95mm; Overall dimensions: 194 x 178 x 175; Weight: 1.66Kg

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