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Lansing Become A Family Member Of Ander
1634 Hits  Issue date:11/19/2013

  On Nov.16,2013, we got a new family member-Lansing, who was full of vigor poured into Ander as flesh blood. We hold a Swearing-In Ceremony for her. Renne spoke first to show our welcome to Lansing, and hope Lansing will be more creative and work hard to make a contribution to Ander.Lansing showed us her career objective and expressed her determination to reach her goals. Then her repeated the oath after Lara:"Im a new member of Ander, Im the daring pioneers of Ander, I will remember my duty, love my work and be devoted to it. Im bearing the great and glorious responsibilities, Ill be an honest family of Ander, taking a humble lessons from other families."

All of us welcome Lansing with warm applause. We believe that Lansing will bring us a lot of happiness and surprise.

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