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English Corner ---Teacher¡¯s Day
1711 Hits  Issue date:9/10/2013

 September 10th is Teacher's Day in China. And also our business group has half an hour for the English Corner every Tuesday. We divided into two groups, V-team and L-team. Then Linda host this action, consists of two parts.

  The first part is guessing. We write 10 words for each group, then we start this game, it¡¯s very interesting, and L-team is the winner. The second part talk about Teacher¡¯s Day. All of us should say a few memories of school days with our teachers, and each group choose a representative to say their teacher¡¯ story and share with everyone. Anna¡¯s story touched every one of us.

  Teachers have been called "Gardener", "Engineers of human souls", Is Respected by the whole society as a profession. Let us say a deep blessing to our teachers!

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